Want to improve your proposal win rate?

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Want to improve your win rate when responding to RFPs from other businesses or from state and local government agencies? Want proposal training that works? We can help.

Our proposal training classes are skills-based, heavy on practical (not pie-in-the-sky) advice, provide lots of actionable and easy to implement recommendations, and include tons of examples. If you want proposal instruction that really works, that includes practices and lessons you can implement today, please contact Dave Seibert at David.Seibert@ProposalBestPractices.com.

How to Write Compelling Proposals to Improve Your Win Rate

This class teaches the skills to write compelling proposals that are persuasive and customer-focused. Students learn how to write content that differentiates your solution, improves skimmability (one of the most important but neglected proposal writing skills), improves readability, persuades decision makers and influencers, and more. Students also learn specific techniques for writing the various sections of a proposal, including the cover letter, the executive introduction, references and resumes, answers to RFP questions, and more. We customize our classes based on the makeup of your team:

Customized for Small Businesses

Same class, but customized for small businesses that need to win more opportunities but don't have all the resources of larger businesses. We show you how to focus on the fundamentals, on the most important things that will help you improve your win rates.

Customized for New Business Development Teams

Same class, but customized for mixed-role teams that may include proposal writers, SMEs, salespeople, managers, and support staff.

Customized for Proposal Managers and Writers

Same class, but it's customized specifically for proposal teams and the things that interest them.

Customized for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Same class, but customized for subject matter experts (SMEs). SMEs are the content experts, but for most, it's a challenge to translate all of their knowledge and insight into proposal content the buyer both understands and cares about. This class teaches SMEs the importance of building proposal content around the needs of the buyer.


This class is one day interactive lecture, and an optional second day proposal writing workshop. It is delivered onsite.

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How to Write Differentiators that Influence Decision Makers

Differentiating your solution is critical to winning more business. But most sellers struggle with two things; identifying which differentiators are most important and then articulating those differentiators in your proposal. In this class, we explore ways to help you choose the best differentiators, how to use them strategically to gain the greatest advantage, and how to draft proposal content that articulates them most effectively.


This class is about two hours, and can be delivered online or onsite.

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If you'd like to speak to an instructor about writing differentiators, please complete the form at the bottom of this page, call Dave at 513-598-4647, or reach out by email:


Proposal Training for Salespeople: How to Excel in an RFP World

Salespeople who operate in the world of RFPs and formal procurements have unique challenges; from customer buying committees to proposal writing staff, there are many elements outside of your control. So how do you manage the process to maximize your win rate? This class shows you how. This class is under development now and will be available soon.

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Student Feedback

The following quotes are taken directly from student evaluation forms.

I attended your class at my last company. It was so good I wanted my new company to benefit also.
Marketing Manager
The workbook was a great tool...
Sales Manager
The workbook was fantastic.
Proposal Writer
I found the class to be extremely helpful and I will be using many of the tips for our next RFP.
Proposal Writer
The training class was excellent! Dave really provided some extremely useful information, tips, and suggestions… It will completely shift the way we do things in the future. I would recommend the class to anyone that has to write business proposals.
Proposal Manager
The entire class provided a wealth of knowledge…it gave me an excellent understanding of the purpose, process, and key ‘tips’ for producing a winning product.
Marketing staff member
I highly recommend Dave's work and the Proposal Course he teaches. After completing the proposal course and meeting Dave, you will find you actually re-think everything you write or prepare from proposals to presentations, letters, and even daily emails.
Marketing Manager
The speaker’s easy going style and his breadth of knowledge about sales and RFPs made this one of the single most effective training I’ve received in this area…
Proposal Development Manager

What makes our classes unique...

Skills-based training. Practical advice. Lots of examples.

Practical advice

All of our classes offer practical, real world advice that is actionable. No pie-in-the-sky concepts here.

Lots of examples

We don't just say "differentiate your solution," we show you how with lots of examples.

Comprehensive workbook

Students love our workbooks. They include lots of information, details, and examples.


We customize each training class to the unique needs of each business. Don't ever settle for one-size-fits-all.

Workshops available

Each training class can be accompanied by a hands-on writing workshop. Practice what you learn while the instructor is still on site.

Onsite, online, or both

We can arrange onsite training, online training, or a blend of both to accommodate your needs.

About the instructor

Dave Seibert is a proposal veteran with over 18 years in the proposal field, and over 30 years in business development. Dave authored the book, Proposal Best Practices, and he’s worked with some of the leading experts in the proposal and business development fields. Dave will make your proposal training program educational, targeted to the issues that are most important to you, and entertaining.

Get the book!

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Talk to an instructor to ask questions and learn more about our training options.

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David Seibert presenting at APMP Bid and Proposal Con.

David Seibert, author and proposal trainer, presenting at APMP Bid and Proposal Con.

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