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Bundle #1: Writing Effective Proposal Content

You will be able to purchase these proposal training classes individually or as a bundle and save!

Transforming Proposal Kickoff Meetings Into Sales Strategy Meetings

An RFP is not a writing project to complete, it’s a sales opportunity to win. This is why sales strategy is so important. Sell well, win more.

How to Write a
Proposal Title Page

The title pages of most proposals are boring. Really boring. And they do little to differentiate you from the competition. Learn to write a title page that gets attention.

How to Write an Executive Introduction

The executive introduction is the most important section in any proposal. Is yours customer-focused, effective, compelling? Or a self-focused diatribe that’s as boring as it is lengthy?

How to Write
Customer References

Customer references are a wonderful, opportunity for sellers to highlight how they’ve helped other customers. Most miss the opportunity. This class shows you how to showcase your experience.

How to Write
Employee Resumes

Buyers want to know that the people working on their project are skilled, experienced, and have had recent experience providing similar services. Want to make a sale? Start here.

How to Write
Proposal Cover Letters

Most proposal cover letters are self-absorbed, boring, droning dissertations. Us, we, me. Us, we, me. And that’s why they never get read. Learn how to write cover letters that are effective.

How to Answer
RFP Questions

Too many proposal writers begin writing answers before they’ve taken the time to figure out what their message should be.  Learn how to write answer content that is effective, customer-focused, and that differentiates your solution from competing alternatives.

Bundle #2: Proposal Writing Best Practices

You will be able to purchase these proposal training classes individually or as a bundle and save! 

Your Solution

In competitive markets, the only way to win is to differentiate your solution from competitive alternatives. Why is your solution better? This class shows you how to identify and write differentiators that actually make a difference.

Make Your Proposals
Easy to Skim

Who has time to read a 75 page proposal cover to cover? Not me. Probably not you, either. Fact: people don’t read proposals, they skim them. If you want your proposals to be read, make them easy to skim.

Focusing on the Buyer, Not the Seller

It’s not about you, it’s about them. Buyers want to know about you, but only within the context of how you can help them get what they want. Learn how to write proposal content so you’re focused on them and not you. 

Sell to People,
NOT to Organizations

Organizations don’t buy things, people do. If you want to make a sale, stop fixating on what the RFP says they want and focus on the personal motivations of the people making the decisions.

Make Your Proposals
Easy to Read

Making your proposals easy to read is easier said than done. But this class offers tips to improve the clarity, reduce the length, and improve the effectiveness of your proposal content. 

Writing to Persuade,
NOT to Inform

A proposal, by definition, is a persuasive document. It’s purpose is to persuade a buyer to take a particular action. Effective proposal writing, therefore, needs to be persuasive, not informative.

Standalone Course Content

Post-Procurement Research and Analysis

You will never get better unless you take time to evaluate past performance. Where are you doing well? Where can you improve? This class discusses five ways to identify opportunities for improvement.

Comments About Protesting

To protest or not to protest, that is the question. Too often, sellers protest because they’re mad they lost. But are they actually helping themselves by protesting? Or hurting future prospects?

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