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Proposal Skills Training

Your Solution

In competitive markets, the only way to win is to differentiate your solution from competitive alternatives. Why is your solution better? This class shows you how to identify and write differentiators that actually make a difference.

Make Your Proposals
Easy to Skim

Who has time to read a 75 page proposal cover to cover? Not me. Probably not you, either. Fact: people don’t read proposals, they skim them. If you want your proposals to be read, make them easy to skim.

Writing to Persuade,
NOT to Inform

A proposal, by definition, is a persuasive document. It’s purpose is to persuade a buyer to take a particular action. Effective proposal writing, therefore, needs to be persuasive, not informative.

How to Draft Compelling Proposal Content

How to Write Cover Letters, Title Pages, and Executive Summaries

The front material–letter, title page, and executive summary–is the first thing the buyer sees. Is yours customer-focused, effective, and compelling? Or not?

How to Write Effective and Compelling Answers to RFP Questions

Learn how to write answer content that is effective, customer-focused, and that differentiates your solution from competing alternatives.

Transforming Proposal Kickoff Meetings Into Sales Strategy Meetings

An RFP is not a writing project to complete, it’s a sales opportunity to win. This is why sales strategy is so important. Sell well, win more.

Standalone Classes

Proposal Writing for Subject Matter Experts

SMEs are experts about your product, but they aren’t always skilled writers. This class teaches SMEs to write compelling, customer-focused proposal content.

Post-Procurement Research and Analysis

Sellers who are serious about improving their RFP win rates take time to learn not just what they’re doing well, but also where they need to improve.

How to Draft Compelling Post-RFP Presentations

Many buyers invite shortlisted sellers onsite to present. This is a marvelous opportunity to showcase your solution and your staff. Do it well.

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