Onsite Training for Businesses that Pursue RFPs

Train your entire team

Ensure your proposal writers, salespeople, and subject matter experts have the skills and knowledge they need to win the RFPs you pursue.

Proposal Writers


Subject Matter Experts

Proposal writers are NOT technical writers, they are salespeople who sell on paper. Be certain they have the skills they need to write proposals that are persuasive, compelling, and that differentiate your solution. 

The formal procurement process is unique from other kinds of buying processes. Be certain your sales team understands how to “make the sale” before the RFP is published. 

Subject matter experts are on your teams because of their knowledge and expertise, not because they are salespeople or writers. Give them the training they need to participate more meaningfully in the selling process. 

Completely customized to your needs

Unlike some trainers who teach the same content to every client, we begin each engagement by first understanding what you need. Only then do we customize a training program for you. This could mean a full day of proposal training for proposal writers, or it could mean a combination of sessions for proposal writers, salespeople, and subject matter experts. 

We don’t teach what you don’t need, we only teach the material that will help you achieve your objectives.  

What Our Students Have to Say

I attended your class at my last company. It was so good I wanted my new company to benefit also.
Marketing Manager
The workbook was a great tool…
Sales Manager
The proposal training workbook was fantastic.
Proposal writer
The proposal training class was excellent! Dave really provided some extremely useful information, tips, and suggestions… It will completely shift the way we do things in the future. I would recommend the class to anyone that has to write business proposals.
Proposal Manager
I highly recommend Dave's work and the Proposal Training Course he teaches. After completing the proposal course and meeting Dave, you will find you actually re-think everything you write or prepare from proposals to presentations, letters, and even daily emails.
Marketing Manager
The speaker’s easy going style and his breadth of knowledge about sales and RFPs made this one of the single most effective training I’ve received in this area…
Proposal Development Manager

Talk to an instructor

To learn more, please contact Dave Seibert at 513-598-4647 or by email at [email protected]. Or you can use the form below and Dave will followup with you by email.

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