Chris Lytle

Dave Seibert has filled this book with compelling and actionable information on every page. You will improve your win rate and gain new respect from the clients you serve. (Chris Lytle is the author of "The Accidental Salesperson" and "The Accidental Sales Manager")

Stacey Duwe

Proposal Best Practices should be a MUST READ for all sales professionals and anyone involved in the proposal development process, from writers to managers to reviewers. If you’re involved in any aspect of business development, I highly recommend this book to you. (Stacey Duwe is president of Write Fit Solutions and APMP GMC Chapter).

Emily Harman

GREAT RESOURCE - A MUST READ FOR THE ENTIRE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TEAM. This book is well organized and easy to read. The author provides excellent examples to drive his points home. If you are serious about improving your win rate, you should read this book and implement the recommendations/best practices. This book is not just a good read for proposal writers. Everyone involved in the business development effort needs to read the book. Too often I have heard proposal writers express frustration that the company leadership doesn't take their advice - and it was good advice - it is advice covered in this book. Business leaders - please read this book and listen to your proposal managers and watch your win rate increase!

Whether you’re a proposal manager or participating in writing and reviewing a proposal, this book is indispensable. It’s a well-written, engaging read beginning to end, full of honest “from the trenches” advice. It’s also a browse-able resource on every topic from best practice process to persuasive writing. I’ve been managing proposals for about 20 years now, and Mr. Seibert’s real-world experience, actionable advice, and easy to understand (and share) examples had me wishing someone had told me these things so clearly when I was back in the trenches. I say, buy this book, read it, carry it around and consult it. But also consider buying copies for your team to jump-start the efficiency and quality you’re looking for on your next proposal!

Amazon review

David Seibert has an enjoyable writing style... I'm applying the lessons I learned many times a day.

Amazon review

This book is great! It is the most comprehensive and practical guide to proposal writing I have ever read.

Amazon review

I love the tone, and it was such a fun, easy read. I really enjoyed your use of anecdotes and examples.

What you will learn in Proposal Best Practices

Proposal writing best practices

Learn how to write persuasively, how to articulate your strengths vs. competitors, how to improve proposal readability and skimmability, and how to build a compelling message focused on each buyer.

Business development best practices

If you're serious about improving your win rate, Proposal Best Practices will show you the most fundamental, important business development best practices to help you accomplish your objective.

Lots of practical advice and examples

Proposal Best Practices doesn't just say, "do this." It includes lots of examples to show you how it's done.

Customer-focused sales messaging

If you want your proposals to resonate with buyers, you have to demonstrate how your solution is going to help them, how it's going to solve their problem. Proposal Best Practices shows you how.

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A word from the author

Proposal Best Practices focuses on the most fundamental and important practices that every seller should implement, regardless of size. I present these practices in a way that lets you decide how to implement each so it is right-sized for your business.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you profit from it.

Dave Seibert