Discusses the most important best practices that sellers should embrace when writing proposals in response to RFPs.


Ideal for proposal writers and managers, salespeople, subject matter experts, and everyone else involved in the business development effort.


For businesses that want to improve their win rate when responding to RFPs.

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What you will learn in Proposal Best Practices

An RFP is a sales opportunity

An RFP is not a writing project to complete, it’s a sales opportunity to win. Proposal writers need to understand this because, in reality, proposal writers are salespeople who sell on paper.

Improve your win rate

If you're serious about improving your win rate, Proposal Best Practices will show you the most fundamental, important best practices to help you accomplish your objective.

Customer-focused sales messaging

If you want your proposals to resonate with buyers, you have to demonstrate how your solution is going to help them, how it's going to solve their problem. Proposal Best Practices shows you how.

Lots of practical advice and examples

Proposal Best Practices doesn't just say, "do this." It includes lots of examples to show you how it's done.

Proposal writing best practices

Learn how to write persuasively, how to articulate your strengths vs. competitors, how to improve proposal readability and skimmability, and how to build a compelling message focused on each buyer.

Learn the importance of being proactive

If you want to win more RFP opportunities, it takes more than good proposals, it takes good business development practices, too. Learn about the best process practices that will help your business to win more business.

A word from the author

Proposal Best Practices focuses on the most fundamental and important practices that every seller should implement, regardless of their size. I present these practices in a way that lets you decide how to implement each so it is right-sized for your business.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you profit from it.

– Dave Seibert