David Seibert

President & CEO, The Seibert Group

Meet David Seibert...

David Seibert is the president and founder of The Seibert Group. He specializes in new business development involving formal procurements (RFPs) in non-federal markets. David has broad experience in multiple industries including IT and networking, construction and A/E/C, executive relocation, insurance and benefits, staffing, and healthcare-related paid claim recovery (audit and subrogation).

David has authored two books; Proposal Best Practices and The Sales Manager’s Guide to RFPs. He also publishes a popular blog on topics related to proposals and RFPs called Dave’s Sales Proposal Blog.

David has been a featured speaker at multiple industry conventions, symposiums, and webinars about sales proposals and other business development topics.  

David lives in Cincinnati. He enjoys photography, traveling, riding motorcycles, and spending time with his wife and family (especially his grandkids).

You can contact David directly at [email protected].

David Seibert
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