About The Seibert Group

We show small and midsize businesses how to improve their RFP/proposal win rate

We help small and midsize sellers

Small and midsize sellers need proposal and business development processes that are right-sized for them. We never try to "force fit" big company processes on you, we build them custom for you.

Focus is on business development

Writing good proposals is important, but it's not enough. To improve your win rate, you need to focus on the entire business development process. We show you how.

Specializing in non-federal RFPs

RFPs from the federal government are very different than RFPs from other sources, and so are the business development processes used to pursue them. We help you choose the correct processes for you.

We right-size processes for your business

Small businesses don't have the resources to implement huge, sophisticated proposal development processes. We show you ways to implement best practices so they work for you.


It's all about selling.

Back in the late 80’s, long before I started writing proposals, I was a quota-carrying salesperson. This experience taught me that an RFP is not a writing project to complete, it’s a sales opportunity to win. Proposal writers need to embrace this idea.

Proposal writers are salespeople. Unlike technical writers whose job is to document features, a proposal writer’s job is to persuade buyers, to convince them that the proposed solution will address their issues–and do it better than any other solution from any other vendor.

At The Seibert Group, we teach you and your staff how to put the selling back into the sales proposal development process, and through that, how to win more of the RFPs you pursue.

    – Dave Seibert, founder