About The Seibert Group

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The Seibert Group

David Seibert launched The Seibert Group in 2001. A veteran business development professional, Dave's goal was to help small and midsize businesses to improve their win rates by showing them how to make their proposals more persuasive and compelling. Initially a writing services firm, The Seibert Group today is primarily a training and consulting firm serving clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Business Development Focus

Nothing happens until somebody sells something. In other words, our focus should be on making sales, not just writing good proposals. Sure, good proposals are important, but it's not enough. To improve your win rate, you need to focus on the entire business development process. We show you how.

Right-Sized Solutions

Businesses need business development processes that are right-sized for them. Unlike many of the larger proposal consultants who promote the same processes to every seller, we never try to "force fit" a canned process. We understand your needs and resources, and then build a process that's right for you.

The Seibert Group shows businesses how to improve their proposal win rates when responding to RFPs from other businesses or from SLED (state/local government and education) agencies.

Non-Federal Procurements

Businesses that sell to other businesses, or to state and local government agencies and schools, need business development processes that are appropriate for them and the markets they serve. Unlike other proposal consultants that specialize in federal government procurements, and try to "force feed" those very complex processes on all their customers, we only recommend processes that are appropriate for your business.

Migrating to a Better Process

Pursuing formal procurements requires a long term selling process that spans as much as 24 months. But who can afford to not close new business for 24 months while you put a new plan in place? This is why we work with you to create a transition plan--a migration--so you can close new business short term while implementing better business and proposal development processes for the long term.

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