Proposal Best Practices

The Seibert Group helps businesses implement proposal best practices to improve proposal outcomes

Improve your win rate

When people call us, it's because they aren't winning enough of the opportunities they pursue. Implement some select best practices and start winning more.

Stop wasting time on RFPs you can't win

How much time do you waste pursuing RFPs you have no chance of winning? Refocus your efforts on the opportunities that you have the greatest chance of winning!

Teach your writers to think like salespeople

RFPs are not writing projects to complete, they're sales opportunities to win. Your proposal staff are writers, but even more, they're salespeople who sell on paper. Teach them how.

Coordinate your proposal and sales teams

Your proposal team cannot write customer-focused proposals if they don't know what the customer really wants. Your sales and proposal teams must be working together--even before an RFP is released.

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