Archived: Dave Seibert to Present “Skim-ability” at APMP GMC Webinar on May 27, 2020

Dave Seibert will be presenting a Webinar called Skim-ability for the APMP Greater Midwest Chapter. 

What you’ll learn

Almost nobody reads a proposal cover to cover, but almost everybody skims it. Accepting and embracing this fact, our job as proposal writers is to do everything we can to make our proposals easy for them to skim–and score. In this webinar, you will learn about six ways to make your proposals easy to skim and understand. If a reader can skim your proposal, and still understand your message, you just leapfrogged past the competition.

David Seibert is founder and president of The Seibert Group, a proposal consulting and training organization serving businesses that respond to RFPs from other businesses and from SLED (state/local government and educational) agencies. The Seibert Group offers:

Dave authored the popular proposal book, Proposal Best Practices, publishes Dave’s Blog about proposal and business development topics, and regularly speaks at association and vendor webinars, seminars, and conventions.

You can contact Dave at [email protected]. You can also follow Dave on LinkedIn or on Twitter.

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