Proposal Skills Training Class

A skills-based class for proposal writers and others who are involved in the writing process

Class summary

Our proposal skills training class is designed specifically for people who write proposal content in response to RFPs issued from commercial organizations, state and local government agencies, and educational institutions. The focus is on the top six proposal writing best practices that all proposal writers should master.

Class Topics

Write customer-focused content

Most writers understand the importance of making content customer-focused, but we often fall into the trap of talking about ourselves, instead. This module provides students with insights and techniques to make it easier to transition to customer-focused content.

Write to persuade

A proposal is, by definition, a persuasive document. It exists to propose a specific course of action. Sharing information is necessary, but it must be delivered in a persuasive format. We'll show you how.

Sell to people, not organizations

RFPs list organizational objectives, "We want better customer service." But understand it's the individual decisions makers' own experiences that drive those organizational objectives.

Differentiate your solution

Most sellers struggle when trying to differentiate their solution from competing solutions, but this is one of the most important determinants of whether you will make a sale. We teach you to do it well.

Improve skimmability

Nobody reads a proposal cover to cover, but they do skim it. This module teaches you how to improve proposal skimmability and make it easier for time-constrained reviewers to actually get the message you're trying to communicate.

Improve readability

Most reviewers skim proposals, but they also slow down to read the sections they care most about. We show you how to make it easier for them.

Frequently asked questions

Who should attend?

Proposal writers and proposal managers, subject matter experts, and anyone else regularly involved in writing proposal content.

Is the class online or onsite?

The class is available online or onsite. You choose.

How long is the class?

The online class is about four hours, and the onsite class is one day.

Is the program customized for us?

Yes. Classes are customized to reinforce your primary business objectives. We also customize the class by rewriting some of your own proposal verbiage using the lessons taught in class. This improves retention because your staff can relate to it more easily.

Is it expensive?

No. Based on feedback from our clients, it's one of the more cost effective proposal writing training programs on the market today. Contact an instructor to learn more about program pricing and all of the options available to you.

About the instructor

Dave Seibert is a proposal veteran with over 18 years in the proposal field, and over 30 years in business development. Dave authored the book, Proposal Best Practices, and he’s worked with some of the leading experts in the proposal and business development fields. Dave will make your proposal training program educational, targeted to the issues that are most important to you, and entertaining.

Student Feedback

The following quotes are taken directly from student evaluation forms.

I attended your class at my last company. It was so good I wanted my new company to benefit also.
Marketing Manager
The proposal training class was excellent! Dave really provided some extremely useful information, tips, and suggestions… It will completely shift the way we do things in the future. I would recommend the class to anyone that has to write business proposals.
Proposal manager
I highly recommend Dave's work and the Proposal Training Course he teaches. After completing the proposal course and meeting Dave, you will find you actually re-think everything you write or prepare from proposals to presentations, letters, and even daily emails.
Marketing Manager
The speaker’s easy going style and his breadth of knowledge about sales and RFPs made this one of the single most effective training I’ve received in this area…
Proposal Development Manager

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