List of Sales Proposal Blogs

Emma Hegel of Once Upon an RFP asked a question about which proposal blogs everyone likes. It was a really good question.

So I compiled my list of all the sales proposal blogs I’ve encountered over the years. If I missed one that should be included, please send the name of the blog and its link to me at


The sales proposal blogs listed here are not presented in any particular order (except maybe that I put mine at the top :-)), and I make no editorial judgments about which are good reads. The only requirement to be on the list is that the blog be primarily dedicated to some aspect of the proposal process.

Proposal consultants with blogs

Proposal software vendors with blogs

APMP Chapters with blogs

Did I miss one?

To submit a proposal blog I missed, please send me an email at

David Seibert is a professional salesperson, proposal trainer, author, writer, and business development consultant. He is the founder and president of The Seibert Group, a proposal consulting and training organization serving businesses that sell to other businesses, schools, and to state and local governments. You can contact him at


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